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How to Figure Out What You Want To Do with Your Life

I've developed relationships with several readers over the past year as writer of this blog.   One reader specifically has been getting the interviews but the companies either don't hire anyone,  leave the position open for the 'perfect' candidate or is … Continue reading

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Forever 21 and Jobs at the Mall

My daughter manages the Forever 21 store in our local mall and she helped them undergo a store makeover. When I stopped by recently, I couldn’t believe how the reformed store looks in the mall. They moved to the higher … Continue reading

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Daily Career Tip #38: Are you an A or B Candidate?

Do you want to find out if you really are the stud you think  you are?  Contact a Recruiter in your field.  Show them your resume and they can give you a grade right there. When done ask them what … Continue reading

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