Assessing Applications for Online Work Opportunities

Expensive fees, cold calling, and sifting through countless CVs stand as reasons why finding new staff online has speedily become the most effective means of recruiting. Truth be told, we’ve all been there – sifting through the various professional ad postings and sending resume after resume when all you want to do is find the application and get the procedure over with as quickly as possible.

“When you see an ad, you must apply for yourself and follow the required instructions fully,” suggests Cpt. Albert Blair.

Assess the kind of results you receive and determine why the application matches your individual expected results. That is a very reliable, rational, and convenient way to go about finding work. Blogging exploded onto the web and changed the face of cyberspace and job hunting forever. Normally, employing people full-time is too costly because the current staff working for a given company will be too qualified regarding daily tasks. Therefore it is better to outsource applications and pay below expected wages.

Likewise are other sorts of job training that could require some sort of fee. In today’s corporate environment you’ll want an edge on the competition when trying to find a job so that you can improve your prospects of getting hired, and there are many ways to do this. When asked about your old jobs and why you qualify for the position desired, offer relevant, optimistic justification. Having past experience beforehand may increase your odds of gaining employment. Review the job description on the site and ask yourself, “If I was the potential employer here, what search phrase would I personally use?” Look up tips on how to use your resume to generate those keywords and suggested phrases, and you will find it’s not that complicated to tailor a resume.

Before sending online applications, make sure you read the information over meticulously. Human Resource Departments at large organizations are overloaded with applications for work daily. Some companies may ask workers to generate accounts as well as some basic information. Be on the lookout. An application should never demand a preliminary fee or other personal information like your credit card number. I want to share with you the good and bad of online job hunting. There is really an increasing number of online courses providing online degrees than ever before in history, and using these classes may be the best most economic way to obtain graduate certifications in core subject matter such as English, math, or history. Doing this may provide a way so that you can earn a good living wage, especially if the effort was put forth to learn where to get and submit an application for work online.

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The ‘Must Have’ Interview Checklist

I provide this checklist to all my candidates prior to interviews so thought it was something I need to put on the blog


·         Research the company on the internet
·         Research the competitors on the internet
·         Make sure you review the job description
·         Make sure you understand location to the interview site and how long it will take to get there. Drive there prior to the interview, if possible.
·         Plan to get to the location no later than 20 minutes before the interview
·         Prepare your best suit or outfit the day before the interview
·         Find out key interview questions and things necessary to get the job
·         Find out the interview process and agenda
·         Meet the Recruiter (if there is one) 30 minutes prior to interview
·         Dress appropriately to the interview (men~suit, conservative shirt, tie, dress shoes, hair combed, clean shaven; women ~ business appropriate skirt or pants, nice shirt, hair combed, clean look)
·         Bring note book or something to write on with pen/pencil
·         Bring extra copies of your resume
·         Have phone numbers of recruiter and/or company contact with you in case of problem
·         Firm handshake
·         Be prepared for questions ahead of time you want to ask (ask lots of questions)
·         Show interest in the job and company
·         Let the hiring manager know you want the job
·         Clarify next step with the interviewer
·         Call the Recruiter regarding the interview
·         Send a Thank You note to the interviewers (make sure you get business cards before leaving the interview)


 William G Morgan, the Job Swami, is the Regional Manager and an Executive IT & Sales Recruiter with Segula Technologies, Inc.   He can be reached at (610)579-3216 if you are looking for great people or are looking for next employment.


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Daily Career Tip #40: Use Daily Alerts


One of the easiest ways for you to have an ongoing set of leads on a consistent basis is to set up Alerts that go right to your email address.  You can do this from almost any job board such as,, etc…   but it's just as easy going to an aggregator of jobs such as Indeed.Com.  Type in the type of job you are seeking and location, do the search then provide the email address you wish this search sent to.



















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