Budget Time is Hiring Time

If you've ever been a manager, you know what the September thru December timeframe brings (besides football games, back to school and holidays).  It means BUDGET TIME!!!

As a job seeker this is one of the best times of the year to be job seeking.

Managers are now planning for the upcoming fiscal year and closing out the current year.  Several things are going through their minds:

     1.  I am over or under budget this year… what do I do?

     2.  I want to get 'X' amount of things done but I only have 'Y' amount of money to do it

     3.  Do I add or subtract staff?  If I subtract staff, how do I get the work done that I need to get done?

    4.  Here's my personal goals as a manager… how do I reach them?

If you're a job seeker, this is all about OPPORTUNITY!   This is not the time to just send a resume and wait.  It is all about knowing who your target is, what they want to do, get in discussions with people there and targeting managers with ideas, concepts and ways to save/make money using your skills and talents.

Now is the time to shine as a job seeker.  I know a guy that used to work for McMaster Carr, and he would always says “Now go out there and solve someone's budget problems!”


 William G Morgan, the Job Swami, is the Regional Manager and an Executive IT & Sales Recruiter with Segula Technologies, Inc.   He can be reached at (610)579-3216 if you are looking for great people or are looking for next employment.



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