Best Time To Reach Managers

Best Time to Reach ManagersIf you're like the majority of people in sales or looking for jobs, you may start coasting about Dec. 23 or so and revive on the monday following New Years.   It's very easy.    Lots of Parties, Food around the Office, Football Games, Cleaning the Desk out or noone around to bother you.

BUT WAIT….    Did you hear that bell or see that lightbulb go off?  What was that?  Was that an idea?

YES…   If you are going through these motions in your office, kind of taking it easy, working at the desk, checking emails  lots of other people must be too if they are in.

SOOOOOOO….  if they are free, then maybe they'll pick up the phone.  I can never get them at their desks… they are always in meetings.

SOOOOOO.   What are you waiting for.  Go make lots of calls over the holidays.  Make more than you ever have.    Get a voice machine… leave a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays and you'll call them soon then keep trying (don't leave more messages though).

 Happy Hunting!!!


William G Morgan, the Job Swami, is the Regional Manager and is an Executive IT & Sales Recruiter with Segula Technologies, Inc.   He can be reached at (610)579-3216 if you are looking for great people or are looking for next employment.

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